I LOVE photographing my wedding clients in a respectful and honest way. One that aims to tell their story by capturing real moments. Of course, we do formals, couple, and family images as well but always with an eye on making them emotionally relevant and reflecting the personalities of our clients. This ensures that the images are as meaningful on your golden anniversary as they were on day one.

If this is an approach that resonates with you and your fiancé, let's have a chat! Send me a message or give me a call and we'll get started.


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Your Story

5, 10 and 30 years from now what will be the most important images from your wedding day? Your fiance seeing you for the first time, your mom helping with your dress, dancing with a parent, life-long friends sharing a laugh?

These are the moments of your story and these are the type of images we excel at creating. Years of technical and artistic experience along with a keen eye makes all the difference between having cherished memories or just a collection of images.

Documentary Approach

Your wedding is unique and our approach is consistent and professional.

With over 200 weddings now photographed we like to think of ourselves as an elite team  that has every contingency covered.

We will capture every important moment with as little impact on your day as possible. Allowing you to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest yet have the best images possible.

Authentic Images

Real emotions captured using natural light.

I've been shooting weddings for over 12 years and the feedback I've had from some of my first clients has confirmed what I've always held as true. The images that are the most important capture real moments. 

We do posed couple, bridal party and family images but we do it efficiently and candidly. Making sure these images ring true to the day as well.

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