Warning, I’m describing violent scenes in a recent show I watched.I just finished watching a show on Amazon Prime. The show was rated 14+, so I was thinking it would be pretty tame. The opening scene was of a young woman being chased for her life then getting impaled on a bunch of spikes. A later scene was one of young, high school female, being sexually stimulated by her boyfriend. A bit further on was the body of a dead high school student, female, being hoisted up by the feet and having her throat cut. I hate the idea of adding this as kind of narrative to my image of Sarah but I can’t understand why I need to censor this image? Why does that pass for 14+ entertainment but Sarah’s nipples are so offensive and must be censored.  Why, in this world where everyone is bothered by the most mundane act, like having to wear a mask, they aren’t up in arms about the fact that our own bodies are the most censored and most restricted visual on the planet? It seems surreal and completely unreal to me. When did the very essence of our being become the most taboo? Why don’t you care?

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