My Approach To Wedding Photography

When it comes to Wedding Photography, there's a case to be made that there are only a handful of different styles yet there are as many different approaches as there are photographers. I'll discuss style in more detail in another blog post but I find that the wedding photographers approach an equally important topic.

How My Approach Evolved

As a bit of a shy and introverted youth I used photography as a way to connect with the world and people around me. With a camera around my neck I was able to move into a crowded high-school gym with confidence knowing that it was a conversation starter as well as a protective shield. My photos were a combinations of candid group and documentary style images. It was perfect, my love of photography and desire to connect with people were both being fulfilled. Fast-forward more years than you've likely been on earth and I now posses more confidence yet still approach photography the same way. I engage with my clients when necessary and appropriate but otherwise stay as anonymous as I can. This allows for the inclusion of a wide range of stylistic opportunities while being true to the nature of your wedding day. Authenticity is the key element driving any stylistic choice I may make.

Your Wedding Day

Your day will be filled with life-changing moments. Some with close family, others with friends, your wedding party and each other. Each set of moments bring different opportunities to create real, honest and candid images.

Posed Group Images

An informal formal wedding party We provided the serious image as well but this is the one the client loved.

Is it possible to be real and candid in a posed bridal party photograph? Absolutely!

An image as above doesn't happen randomly but only takes a few minutes to set up and still captures the joy and happiness of the wedding day. The below image was captured just after the wedding ceremony. We brought the couple and flower girls into a quiet room just before heading out to the reception.

Candid Moments

When photographing images such as the bride getting ready, light and composition play an important role by helping to tell the story and portraying the moment in an authentic way. I may ask you to move a bit closer to a window and turn a little towards the camera but otherwise I'll be quiet letting the moment unfold naturally.

Bride with mother getting ready.

Documentary Style Imagery

Documentary style approach after wedding ceremony

Giving you the opportunity to enjoy your day to the fullest is as equally important to us as getting great images and the two ideas are not mutually exclusive.

We're sure you don't want your day to feel like a commercial photo-shoot and neither do we. Creating authentic images often requires us to step back and let the day reveal itself.

This is when we prefer to use a photo-journalistic style documenting real moments in an authentic way with no intrusion.

Couple walking to club house after ceremony.

Finally!! Look of total joy on the newly married couple as they walk back down the aisle.

Candid Couples

AKA "life is too Important to be taken Seriously"'

Real laughs and real kisses are a natural part of your day and we want your images to reflect this. How else are you going to know where all those laugh lines originated from 20 years from now.

Posed Couples

And of course a few images for your parent and grandparents bookshelf. We don't limit our shooting to the styles listed here. If there's something special that you or your family are looking for we more than happy to photograph it for you.

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