Glamour and Boudoir Session FAQ



What is a session?
We have two types of boudoir sessions, group and individual.

Group sessions are shot privately but take place during one of our multi-client (marathon) sessions.They offer a cost-effective way to try out boudoir. Contact Kevin to join the mailing list for future events.

Individual sessions are booked after a free consultation and are a minimum of 1 hour. Custom lighting, sets and concepts are provided and only one client is booked per day.


How many outfits should I bring? 

We suggest 1 or 2 outfits for group sessions, more can be brought as options. For individual sessions, we will go over options during your consultation.


Can I bring a friend? 

Yes, feel free to bring a friend.



Who is the photographer and who else will be there? 

Kevin Stenhouse and his female assistant will be the only ones at the shoot. The assistant helps with posing and making the client feel comfortable and relaxed. 


Who will see my images? 

Kevin and the client see the images. The images are never put on the internet or cloud service. Proofs are viewed during a private post-session consultation. Digital proofs of the entire session are given to the client on a flash drive once the order is placed.



Do you supply the wardrobe? 

Clients provide their own wardrobe.


Maternity sessions? 

Maternity sessions can take place through group or individual sessions.


Can I bring other items? 

Bring whatever you feel will help you get the images you want. Items from home or your partner such as dress shirts and ties are great ideas.

Are there specials or discounts? 

Brides and former clients are eligible for discounts. Please contact Kevin to get updates on special events and discounts.



Cancellation policy? 

There are no refunds available for group sessions but they can be transferred to friends. Individual sessions require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Once a date is booked for individual sessions there is a $50 fee for date changes.

What should I expect from the session? 

Our observations have been that some clients are a bit nervous when they get to the studio, but that feeling subsides quickly as they adjust to the experience and start to enjoy the whole process. By the end of the session clients often feel empowered and proud of their accomplishment and have a great deal of excitement in anticipation of final proofs. Proofs are available in 5 - 6 weeks. If you require them sooner there is a $75.00 rush charge.


How should I prepare for the session? 

For group sessions, hairstyling is the responsibility of the client. Please wear loose clothing to the session, no tight elastic bands, jeans or other garments. Iron or steam any apparel that requires it and pack it appropriately.


Who gets images done? 

Women of all ages, sizes and walks of life have had sessions, whether it's for personal reasons or as a gift.


What about nudity? 

Nudity is left at the discretion of the client. The topic will be brought up during your consultation and at the beginning of your session. The shoot will be planned accordingly.


What is boudoir? What is glamour?

Boudoir is a French term for a ladies chamber. Our concept of boudoir photography is a bit different. Though clients often share the images with their partner Kevin's goal is to provide images first and foremost for his clients wanting to portray them as strong, confident and independent women regardless of their relationship status. 


Glamour photography is a genre of photography where the subject is portrayed in a romantic and alluring way that is reminiscent of images from 1940s Hollywood all the way up to Playboy and Maxim. For our purposes, we like to think in terms of the glamour images that are associated with magazines that feature editorial content. So if you've any seen images of celebrities looking sexy in GQ or Vanity Fair but still looking elegant and empowered then you know the type of images we are talking about. 


How do I book a session? Contact Kevin Directly

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