Art nude - Languishing Pose



In 18 months, give or take a few days I turn sixty. I feel good, I feel capable of creating new works and growing as a person. As a 20 to 30 something-year-old, I was always worried about giving up and becoming stagnate, languishing away in my final few decades. I was passionate but saw many who were tired and uninspired and wondered if it was inevitable. Every so often you would see a spark in their eyes, but it would quickly fade. What killed that spark, what changed? I realize nothing likely changed, and I think that was the problem.

Passion wanes over time and we become jaded. Why? We get a head full of answers and stop asking questions. The world becomes 2D, it loses its sense of wonder. When we experience the same things over and over our brains adapt to it and those things that were once exciting become normal or possibly mundane. What should we do if passion has left the building but we still want to create… where do we turn?

The thing is passion is never enough for anything or anyone that is important. Getting better at something or loving someone more it takes more. I now do my best to bring awareness, intent, and purpose into everything I do. Being present and creating with purpose turns out to be better creative partners than passion ever was.

In the end all our relationships evolve, whether it’s to our work, hobbies or friends and family, they change. We must reach deeper than passion to create something timeless always asking questions and never assuming the answers. Our relationships and work will ultimately be better because of it and passion, while still there and possibly stronger, evolves into something deeper and more meaningful.

The Human Project:

Alexia Day


Alexia is one of my most favourite people and models. Someday soon I hope to interview her about her experiences in front of the camera. Choosing to be an art model isn’t most people entertain and each person who steps in front of the camera has a unique reason to be there. 

Besides being an all around fantastic human Alexia exhibits so much grace and subtlety in her poses. I’m a huge fan of expression through hands and she never fails to deliver. Have a look and see for yourself.

The Human Project was photographed over the course of 2 days. 20 volunteers.


First Blog Post – New Site – Fresh Start

After many false start I’m crossing my fingers, that this time, this site will be the one. So what’s different this time, well that’s not an easy question to answer… it all started when I was 5 years old and…. never mind.

My current site is mostly images and I want this one to be more than the final pieces. I want to write about my work, share my processes and move forward. I’ve been obeying the Covid rules as much as possible and between that feeling uninspired to shoot not much has taken place over that last 18 months. That doesn’t mean there won’t be new work. On the contrary I plan creating more work than I had done in the previous 5 years. I want to get back to my roots… but not in a nostalgic way, I want it’ll be forward thinking keeping one eye on the “why” I photograph and one on the